The importance of having a routine and Structure in place for your family.


Putting your family on a routine gives your family structure and self-discipline. Yes it sounds horrific and sounds like hard work especially if you have children stuck in their lazy or ruling ways. I actually started this family routine about a year ago when I had found out my son was diagnose with ADHD. I have done some research as to what would help him at home and most of what I had read was to have an organized and structured home. It was giving my child a routine habit so he could remember what he needed to do and not be easily distracted. It also gave him a sense of  accomplishments instead of him running into frustration of goals he would start and not finished. My son was 5 and daughter was 3 at the time but how I’d wish I could have done this since they were younger.

If you are just starting to add a routine or some structure to your family it might take some time but don’t give up, your children will start to get it by the second week. I am somewhat of a controlling mother but it’s not because I must have it my way, It’s simply because I would like my children to benefit from the rules, morals and structure I have in place and yes I do compromise with my spouse if he does not agree with my rules, morals and structure that I have for our children. I’m not that mother that freaks out because something was not listed in my planner or time schedule. I understand life happens and we all have to adjust after a bump in the road.  I strongly feel that our children deserve to have some fun/creative/play time in the schedule. I use that time as a “reward time”  if they are following rules, behaving or just done with everything such as a meal or homework. This will give them time to relax or be creative while I’m cleaning up the kitchen or a certain project I have going on for myself.

The benefits of having children on routines are amazing. It reduces half of the frustration in the house due to lack of organization. It stops the demands and tantrums from the children because they will already know snack, meal, cleaning, etc times in place as they will start to think its normal and stop putting up fights for their demands. It will help tremendously as the children will start learning to do things for themselves such as dressing up or brushing their own teeth without constant reminders. This will also help you build a better bond with your child as they see you less hurried and stressed as they will feel more comfort from you. I’ve notice I haven’t yelled or screamed since I’ve started our routine this has made our chaotic house into more of a loving home.

My schedule that works for me and my family and of course every family is different and the schedule should be too!

TIP: **Give a 10 minute warning before starting a new activity.**

M-F in the A.M

  • Before the children wake up take a quick shower & get ready for the day.
  • Pull the children’s clothes for the day and make lunches.
  • Wake up children and have them use the restroom/brush teeth and dress for the day.
  • Have them dress themselves while I make breakfast.
  • Eating breakfast together finish first to do hair while they eat.
  • Shoes and jackets on and off to school.

M-F Evening

  • Pick them up from school, run errand if need be with them.
  • Go home and start homework with them.
  • Start dinner while they are working on homework.
  • Once HW is finished It’s dinner time.
  • I have them help me clear table while I’m doing dishes. Once they are done they are able to go play an activity.
  • Once I’m done I take one by one into the shower and they could continue to play they have until 8 p.m which is bedtime for them.
  • At 8 p.m I lay them down, tell a story or sing a song and let them know I’ll be in the next room cleaning.

Saturday and Sundays

The same rules apply however they are not is school so I schedule family time in the early afternoon.


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How will decluttering help you save hundreds in the future.

swim-95735_1920 (1)Have you ever opened a drawer full of junk and have been instantly sadden by the sight of it? or have a pile of knick knacks lying around as it becomes a part of your home decor? or how about your bathroom I bet its full of beauty and cleaning products. Well seen it all because I’ve had a bad habit of saving everything I spent my hard-working money on. Plus I was always sold on every product with a description and what it could do for me but wait here’s the big one how about when we ladies decide to buy a product just because it’s on CLEARANCE and all because we feel like it’s something we could use on a daily or weekly basis and at the fact that it’s at a “good price”. This little exercise will not only strengthen your self-control but save you hundreds in the future from buying unnecessary products.

The first step is always the biggest step, Get a bag and actually place all the products that serves no purpose to you or your family. I Know its hard to let go of those expensive and costly, barley used products or maybe to let go of the “almost empty shampoo bottle” that has been sitting there for about 2 months. Let’s be realistic here, there are tons of old expired and hardly used products that have been sitting in the same spot for over 6 months or more. Start with the hardest part the bathroom then move on to the bedroom if any products are left there. Last but not least, it should be easy-going through under the sink products. I’m sure you will keep most because everyone could use cleaners but yet I’m sure you will find an old product or two to throw out.

  • List of some examples you should throw out:
  • Used or never used body sprays
  • Old lotions
  • Old shaving cream
  • Old gel and hair serum
  • Face moisturizer
  • Face and foot mask
  • Face washers

Second step, as you are purging continue to tell yourself this is positive, this will give you a sense of relief. You will feel so much better on the daily just seeing all the junk and old cluttered products out of your sight.  Now here’s the catch STOP and think about all the products you have thrown out and try to remember how much was spent on each product. You will realize you probably have around $300 in products you just purged. Also ask yourself was these products necessary?  The next time you go to a store like Wal-Mart or Target guaranteed you will think about all the money you just had thrown out because it was unnecessary.

Just purchase the bare minimum of what you and your family actually really needs.  In fact there is basic products that can help with cleaning, beauty, personal hygiene and even cooking at the same time at a fraction of one products price. Vinegar, bleach, lemon, baking soda, and witch hazel all have a list of useful purposes. They are all under $3 and most of them you can get at a $1 most at have very decent amount of product. Tip: A little go’s a long ways.


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(Pre-clean) Everything has a place in your home.


Good morning everyone, today i’m writing about how to get the motivation and will power to get up and clean your home. I’m not talking about a deep clean either. This is to do a pre-clean. This will automatically set the tone when your kids and significant other come walking into the home. A clean home is a happy and positive home and this is where the positive energy starts to rub off on them.

Now I know most people think it’s just to do dishes, make a bed, move the toys or clothes to the side and clear a counter but still leaving clutter. Trust me I know. I used to make excuses as to why my home was always dirty and messy. Name an excuse and I’ve said it but as for right now I’m just going to share my secrets to how to have your home in order and straightened out. This should take you just 30 to 45 minutes it depends on how big your home.  This for the busy on the go mom, working mom, and of course the stay at home mom.  Think of it as a fast sprint. challenge yourself. For the working mom doing this after the kids are in bed so that you go to sleep comfortable and the house stays in order until you and the kids get home from work and school.


1. image1 (1)The mess everyone leaves.


2.This is when you think you cleaned and you just push everything together to make space on the counter.


3.This is actually cleaned when you physically placed the idem where it needed to be.


Before I start I light a candle and put on some of my favorite feel good music shade, earth wind and fire or some pitbull. I also give an activity to the kids coloring books or toys.  For the younger children a play pin with toys or a bouncer. I do let them know every single time “Mommy will be doing her cleaning” getting them into this habit of your cleaning time it will start letting them understand you are busy and you need to take care of business.


Start with the Living room. Any toys, shoes, jackets, clothes, books etc. should be removed. Toys should be all in children’s room, Any clothes should be place in laundry room, while in their start a load of laundry. Jackets hung up and books should be placed in a book shelf stacked nicely. EVERYTHING HAS A HOME, PUT IT THERE!

Move on to the kitchen. Clear everything off the table just leaving placemats and a center piece if you have one.  (no papers, receipts etc in center pieces) De-clutter  sink counters and islands there should be no toys, tools, salt and pepper packets, pens, scissors, loose mail floating around. Dishes should be done and stove top should be wiped.  Don’t push it aside why because EVERYTHING HAS A HOME, PUT IT THERE!

Restrooms. Start by picking up laundry and towels and placing them were they need to be. Tooth brush holders, and soap dispensers could be left with a hand towel on sink counter. Tooth paste, hairspray, gel etc. should be stored in cabinets or under sink. why because EVERYTHING HAS A HOME, PUT IT THERE!

Bedrooms. Beds made and clothes picked up and hung up shoes and accessories should be put away. Why? BECAUSE EVERYTHING HAS A HOME, PUT IT THERE! When working in the kids room shoes should be place in pairs in closet or lined up under bed. All toys should be placed in a bin and or hidden in closet. It’s great to get the kids involved to show them responsibility and cleanliness.

YAY! You finished your pre-clean Stretch! Getting in the mindset to putting things were they need to be because EVERYTHING DOES HAVE A HOME is challenging but practicing this Monday – Friday will help in numerous ways. The kids are more relaxed and happier as well as your significant other. It’s healthy for you and your family and you tend to become much happier over time. This gives you time to think while you’re sprinting, moving your body and enjoying your home is clear from all the clutter.

The only person thats holding you back is yourself.

image1Hey everyone, my name is Abrianna  and I have two children Christopher (age 6) and Alessandra (age 4). My hobbies are interior design and organizing since I was a child. I have always loved reading mommy blogs but never have followed any because I had found that most blogs were steered just to one or two things or maybe the lifestyle of the blogger was irrelevant to me. I found myself always wondering off to the next blogger.

I decided to start blogging about the my motherhood journey at 19 years old (now 26). I was a very young adult and was given no instructions on parenting. It has been messy and unorganized and even a bit depressing for a few years which lead me to find loops, tricks and the positive to making life easier for me and my family. We have overcame a lot together and that is because I decided to control how things were going to be in our house hold and as a woman how to hold it all together in a healthy way. You don’t need to let yourself go just because your a mom.

I will be blogging about how to make your house a home and what does that actually mean and how it actually affects you and your loved ones. Important morals and values that women should have and how to start teaching your young daughter now. Also Health, ADHD, Children’s behavior, organization, saving money, relationships, trending fashions and self improvement making yourself happy so that the people around you could be happy as well. This blog is for every woman to relate to and could utilize the information and skills in their home.